Linksis uses the Linksis tag to identify which products you want to affiliate market. By tagging products with 'linksis', you are identifying the products you want Linksis to be redirected to Amazon.

How do I tag products with 'linksis'?

You can tag products from the 'Default Values' section on the Linksis dashboard. To do this, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Linksis dashboard and click on App Settings.

Step 2. Click on Default Values. 

Step 3. On the default values window, type in 'linksis' in the 'tag' box. See below:

You can also tag your imported products from the Shopify dashboard. See how here.

Please note when you choose to tag products from the linksis app, the products that you previously imported from linksis will not be tagged, however, you can tag previously imported products through your Shopify store dashboard.

What happens when I tag products with 'linksis'?

1) The 'Add-to-Cart' button will be changed to 'View on Amazon'

2) Linksis appends your affiliate tag from the Amazon Credentials you have provided to the product link and attaches it to the 'View on Amazon' button 

2) When your customer clicks on the 'View on Amazon' button, they will be  redirected to the product page on Amazon with your appended affiliate tag.