There are customers at different parts of the world who may be interested in buying your products, however, if you are not part of that country specific Amazon Affiliate Associate, you may miss out on the sales. Linksis solves this issue by implementing Auto Geo-Localize. Auto Geo-Localize detects the location of visitors on you store so that when they click on the product, it redirects them to their country specific Amazon Website where they are able and comfortable to buy the product. 

Amazon has several country websites/store fronts (Up to 12 Store Fronts), using the Auto Geo-localize feature will ensure that you never miss out on any sale that may be lost due to the location of the customer. 

How does Auto Geo-Localize work?

1. First Linksis detects the location of the customer

2. When the customer clicks on the 'Call-to-Action' button, Linksis redirects the link to the customer specific Amazon store front. If there's no Amazon Storefront in the customers location, Linksis uses the store front closest to the customer.

3. Linksis does a random search of the product on the Amazon store front using the product's title parameters.

4. When linksis finds that products, it appends your Amazon Affiliate Tag.

5. When the customer buys the product, you get paid commission from Amazon.

Auto Geo-Localize is only available on the Pro and Premium plans. 

Note: There are 12 Amazon store fronts, you will require your affiliate credentials for these store fronts in order for Auto Geo-Localize to function. See how to add your Affiliate Credentials here

For pro plan only the affiliate credentials for the three countries you provided in linksis will be used for auto geo-localize, that means the location or nearest location of the customer will be calculated using the three countries. For the premium plan, all the 12 affiliate credentials for the countries you provided in linksis will be used for auto geo-localize.

See list of all 12 Amazon Store Fronts here.