You can customize the 'Add to Cart' button to 'View on Amazon' on the product page of imported products

To enable the Call-to-Action Button, follow the steps below:


1. Login to your Shopify Account

2. Click on Online Store

3. Click on Themes

4. Click Actions

5. Click Edit Code

6. Click on Sections

7. Click Product-template.liquid

8. Insert the following code in the Product-template.liquid after the AddToCart button code

{% include 'linksis' %}

9. Click Save

10. After saving, go to the LInksis app and click 'Call-to-Action'. Here you can insert any text you want to appear on the button. 


1) We recommend using 'View on Amazon' as button text since 'Buy on Amazon' since it violates Amazon's trademark. 

2) For Affiliate marketing ensure you tag Affiliate products with the 'linksis' tag. See how here.