Note: Smart Search is only available on the Pro and Premium Plans. Your AWS Credential is required to enable the Smart Search feature. See how to retrieve your AWS Credentials here

To enable the Smart Search feature, please follow the steps below. 


1. Login to your Shopify Account

2. Click on Online Store

3. Click on Themes

4. Click Actions

5. Click Edit Code

Step 6. Click on 'Layout' and click 'theme.liquid'

Step 7. Insert the following code in the theme.liquid file anywhere in the head section.

<!--linksis amazon search object--->
  {% include 'search-object' %}

The code will look like this in the theme.liquid file

Step 8. Click Save

Step 9. Click on 'Templates'

Step 10. Click on 'Search.liquid'

Step 11. Insert the following code in the search.liquid file just after search bar code

<!--linksis amazon search --->
  {% include 'amazon-search' %}

Step 12. Click Save

After enabling Smart Search on your store, you have to toggle the Smart Search on the app. See how to below

Step 13. On the Linksisapp dashboard, click on Smart Search from the side bar menu.

Step 14. On the search settings page, to activate smart search select Activate from the drop-down menu.

Step 15. Click Save

Note:  Please contact the linksisapp support if you having problems integrating the smart search feature on your Shopify theme.