Your Affiliate Credentials are required for importing products, receiving sales commission from Amazon as Affiliate Marketers and tracking sales from your store. Adding your Amazon Affiliate Credentials to Linksis is easy. First you need to join or login to a country specific Amazon Associate Program - its free.

Click here to join the Amazon Associates Program - 

Afterwards you can retrieve your Credentials from your Affiliate account and add it on Linksis.

Amazon Affiliate ID: Your Amazon Affiliate ID is located at the top right of your Associates home page.

Access Key ID and Secret Access Key: Follow the steps below to retrieve your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. 

Step 1: From the Menu Bar, click on Tools and select Product Advertising API from the drop down.

Step 2: Scroll down and click the 'Join' button. 

Please Note: Due to the change in Amazon Associate Advertising API policy, Amazon have only made the 'Join' button available to users that have gone through the Amazon review and acceptance stage.

Step 3: Upon clicking 'Join', your Access Key and Secret Key will be displayed on the screen. 

For proper storage, we recommend clicking the download button and storing your credentials in a secure location. The Secret Key cannot be retrieved from an existing Access Key after you exit from the download page. when that occurs, you may have to deactivate the old key and create a new one.

Add Affiliate Credentials to Linksis: Enter your Affiliate Credentials on the Linksis app.

To enter your Affiliate Credentials on the Linksis app, click ' App Settings' from the Side Bar, select 'Affiliate Credentials' from the drop down and click 'Add Credentials'. Enter the credentials you have retrieved in the provided field.

Note: Linksis allows you to import products from several Amazon country store fronts/websites. For example, if you are in the US, you can import products from Canada or even Japan. This feature is only available for pro and premium plans. You can add credentials for several Amazon country store fronts using the steps above.