Shopify store owners and FBA Merchants can use Linksis to make extra money via Amazon Affiliate Program. 

Steps :

Step 1. Install Linksis App. 

Step 2. Sign-up for Amazon Affiliate Program. Retrieve and save your Affiliate Credentials. See how here.

Step 3. Immediately start importing from Amazon to your store via Linksis.

Step 4: Tag all the products you want to have Affiliate links with 'linksis'. See how here

Step 5. Change the Call-to-Action button on the products from 'Add to Cart' to 'View on Amazon'. See how here. By clicking this button your customers are taken to Amazon product page.

Amazon FBA sellers can use this option on Linksis to generate additional revenue to complement their existing source and also offset their sponsored ads expenses on Amazon. 

Convert customer visits on your site into extra sales using the Smart Search feature. Smart Search integrates your store's search bar with Amazon's product catalog. When customers search for products that are not in your store, they will receive product suggestions from Amazon. You earn commission from Amazon when they make a purchase from the suggestions.  See how to enable Smart Search here.